What is is a simple public note taking app where every note you create (anonymously) lives for 24 hours. You could think of as a more simple version of was created by Paul Glushak.

Feel free to check out the changelog and roadmap. - Simple, anonymous online Markdown notepad | Product Hunt Buy Me a Coffee at

How does this work?

Every time you open the main page, a random ID is being generated for an empty note.

You can compose your note using Markdown syntax, or just paste a bunch of text if you don't want it to look pretty ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

After you're done writing, just hit Enter or click Create and share your note with the world.

Any note you create (which lives for 24 hours) can only be edited by you.

Anything else?

I have added a couple of "helper" classes for images that you're welcome to use:

.half - 50% width
.third - 33% width
.right - float right
.left - float left
.big - "hero" image i.e. wider than the content

To use these classes, simply include them in curly braces right after your image, e.g.

![Description](http://imgurl) {.half .right}

Notes on privacy

I believe in privacy, so I do my best in excercising it everywhere, including does not: does:

We use:

Need help?

If you have any questions or suggestions, please get in touch via: